Coyote Crossing Mountain Trail Course


Mountain Trail is a fast growing discipline for all riders and horses. It incorporates obstacles that would be found on mountain trails and tests the partnership between horse and rider. 

Come Visit


In order to use our course on your own, you have to have had a lesson. Once you have a lesson you can come back anytime as long as you let us know at least a week ahead of time. Let us know by emailing us at

Our Future


We are closing our course until spring 2019 in order to put in the finishing touches. In the spring we will have lessons, clinics, shows, and open riding days on the course. If you want to receive updates on upcoming events then you can subscribe to our newsletter below. 


Watch a Mountain Trail Pattern

This is an example of a Level 3 pattern being performed at Bolender Horse Park. Our trail course is  Bolender Horse Park certified. Mountain Trail is a discipline for all horses and riders!

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