Blue Horizons

The Beginning

This is where it all started. In 2014, Blue Horizons  became our first farm. Today it continues to grow, becoming bigger and better. 

The Residents

Currently, Blue Horizons is home to about 100 red and black angus  cattle, 3 rescue donkeys, 2 dogs, 1 highland cow, and several cats. Calves are being born year-round, so the number of cattle is not always the same.

Angus Valley

More Cattle

Here at Angus Valley we house approximately 150 more cattle. Again, we get new calves all year so the number fluctuates. This is also the home to about to 8 spoiled barn cats.

The Operation



We are a cow-calf operation. Every year each of our cows give birth to a calf. The calf is taken care of by it's mother until it is too old and is weaned. When the calf is between 9 and 12 months, it is taken to market and sold to Finishers. 

Working Cattle


 A few times a year we'll round up a group of the cattle and give them vaccines. We do this by sending them through our cattle chutes, which are designed so that we can safely administer the vaccines, castrate bull calves, and give them dewormer without us or the cattle getting hurt. 

Cow Horses


 Among the residents are several cow horses, which are specifically bred for their ability to follow and herd cattle. These horse are used when rounding up cattle to be moved or vaccinated. They are often moved to where they will be needed next so they do not have a permanent home at either of the farms. 

Equestrian Center

Our Facilites

The Coyote Crossing Equestrian Center has an Extreme Mountain Trail course, a 1 acre outdoor riding arena, as well as an outdoor warm-up ring. There are also 10 stalls that are available for rent during events and a concession stand.

Our Events

We host horse shows, clinics, fundraisers, and more. In the summer the arena is also used for practice and training. If you're interested in upcoming events click here. 

Mountain Trail Course

This summer we will be building a mountain trail course to add to our equine facilities. The course will be approximately 1 to 2 acres and will be a certified mountain trail course. If you are interested in mountain trail click here

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